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Add your annoying tales of the rudest cell phone users in your world! Haven't we all been in the movies, enjoying our tub of popcorn, when the jerk in front of you lets his cell phone ring and ring? And then to your shock and horror, he has the nerve to answer it?! And what about when you are strolling the aisles of Target, having a fine time picking out cotton swabs, when a fellow shopper is practically yelling into your ear on her cell about her sister's roommate's boyfriend's divorce? We have all been there, and the best thing to do when you have a rant is to share it.

Cell Phone Rant: The Guy Making Your Food Is the Rude One?!

Posted By Tech on Oct 10, 2008 at 11:00AM

TeamSugar user Jyramiah added a great anecdote to the Cell Phone Rant Group: What would you do if the person on the cell phone being rude called you rude for trying to help her?

It started with her working at a sandwich shop when a customer entered and got in line while talking on her cell phone. When the counter person tried to take the her order, what do you think the customer did? Said "hang on" to the person she was talking to and made the order? Told the person on the other line she'd call him back after she left the place of business?

Nope. The customer on the cell phone told the person on the other end of the line that the guy trying to help her behind the counter was being rude. By trying to do his job and help her. If that's not galling enough, when the customer with the really important phone call got to Jyramiah at the register, she had the nerve to complain about the sandwich guy being rude by interrupting her phone call. To hear what Jyramiah said to her, just


Jyramiah gave her an earful:
Customer: "That young man was very rude."
J: "Well what did he do, ma'am?"
C: "He kept interrupting me while I was on the phone."
J. "Well you shouldn't be on the phone when you're ordering anyways. Sorry to say, but that is more rude than what he was doing. And if you have a problem with it, you can call my higher up. Here, let me get you his number. I'm sure he'll be happy to hear how people are treating his employees."

Good for you, J!

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